Saturday, February 9, 2008

Millie is a shy, quiet bunny from Locust Street, but in the company of friends, she is also playful and a bit comical. She is ready for the Easter Hop yard dance in her best dress, carrying a basket of freshly picked flowers from her mother's garden. The dance will be held in Doc Moser’s side yard this year, under the persimmon tree, where the grass is extra thick and soft. She plans to kick up her heels and dance until her legs haven't a jig left in them. She doesn’t socialize much, since she helps her mother with the younger litter of bunnies, but she wouldn’t miss this occasion for the world. Perhaps she will meet the buck of her dreams there!

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Mikkeh said...

Hey! You have a blogspot! I started one for the Grrls Writing Workshop I attended (the class just ended last week). So if you're interested in reading some of my writing, it's here.

But enough about me, about your dolls --
Millie is soooo cute! It turned out so well! I really like her.
And I've never really been much for rats, but Stephanie's looking sharp too!
Is the name a coincidence or was it intentional?