Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stephanie is a Locust Street rat. No one really knows where she came from. She just showed up one day looking hungry and pitiful. The kind folk on Locust Street took her in and were very kind to her until she showed her true colors. While most rats on Locust Street have a home and a family, this one does not. She scurries from one home to another to see what treasures she can find and hide in her ratty purse. She has been known to sleep at four different houses in a weekend to get whatever she could steal away with. She will brave crossing the highway or even venture many blocks away to the broom factory if she overhears a whisper of something she may want, but she won't hesitate to take from her acquaintances either. There isn't a speck of loyalty in this rat. She may say she will trade something or pay back a debt, but she never does. It would be wise to keep an eye out for this rat.

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Phyllis said...

Ha! Stephanie makes me laugh! She is a Really Resourceful Rattie!