Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gertie is a Locust Street girl…

She lives on the south end between the city park and the woods at the edge of town. She spends a lot of time with the little girl that lives in Doc Moser’s house. They like to make new clothes for their paper dolls and play hopscotch and jump rope, but their favorite thing to do is cook dandelion stew on the old stove out on the back porch. Gertie is all fancied up in her best dress because today is Mother’s Day and she has a gift for her Mama. Gertie has worked hard to keep the gift a secret. She knows it is just right and can hardly wait to watch her Mama open it.

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Anonymous said...

I love Gertie! She likes to do the same things I did when I was little. And still do. I love everything about Gertie, in fact. Has she been sold on eBay or is she interested in moving south?
Phyllis the BrowneyedPea