Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Dollie with no name yet


Judy said... your dollies and bunnies! I'm a member of the Cloth Dolls for fun and adding your link to my blog. Hope you'll add mine to yours. :o) Keep making those dolls! Love em!!!


idjutsister said...
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idjutsister said...

Hello Judy!
Thank you for your kind words. I love your dolls too. They are so cute. We should chat some time.
Thanks again,

Judy said...

Hi Melissa.....your doll with no name looks like a Prisilla. :o)
She's adorable!!!


BirchBerry Farms said...

Hey Melissa---she looks like a Gretta to me---very very cute---I love her hair color! You have been tagged!!!!! LOL, Renee

angelique said...


I love this doll's hair and her sweet face.

I believe that she might be a Brownie leader and would love to wear her leader uniform. When she takes her girls out for a nature walk, maybe she has a canteen and maybe binoculars and a bird-watcher's notebook. She may like to make little sketches of unusual plant life. She might be able to build a fire with two sticks.

I have no idea what her name might be!


paperbatty said...

I am thinking about you, so I dropped by to leave a message for you to find. I'm carrying you around in my heart thinking about you all the time. If I could do the hard things for you, I would. You know how sisters are.

Phyllis said...

Your doll and your stories are truly magical. I am so glad I discovered the world of Locust Street and its inhabitants. You are a very, very talented lady who brings joy and beauty into the world!